Creators Of “Summer Time In The LBC” Outraged Over Festival Trademark Infringement

The year is 1995 and The Dove Shack is in the process of recording their hit single “Summer Time In The LBC”, the group is coming off a 4XX platinum feature on Warren G “Regulate”. C-Knight, 2Scoop & Bo-Roc took the world by storm in summer ’95 with the melodic sound out of long beach perfectly reflecting the sound and culture of the time.

The trio recorded at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA assembling their debut album “This is the Shack”. The album was distributed with Russ Associated Labels Via Def Jam then featured on the HIPHOP documentary “The Show”. The Long Beach legend 2Scoop from the legendary group, sits down with UGHH Journalist Cthree and talks about the upcoming festival “Summer Time In The LBC”.

2 Scoop explains why the group is outraged by not being featured or having a more intricate part in the festival as it invades the group’s publishing rights with Sony ATV. Scoop goes on to say “Personally I feel like this whole situation was a big slap in the face, it was very disrespectful”, the festival used the classic “Summer Time In the LBC” song to promote the highly anticipated event on live television via channel 5 and added the group on last minute terms to cover the events assets that were not followed through by executive order. 2 Scoop then goes on to explain the creators of this event could have called the festival many different names and still got the summer time concept across, but they choose to use the ideology to foster a festival and not include or pay the creators of the idea.

We have to protect our HIPHOP culture with checks and balances whether mechanical or publishing rights . People forget this is not only music but the essence of one’s livelihood. August 5th will feature some of HIPHOPs most renowned artists like 50 Cent, YG, Wu-Tang Clan, Dj Quik as it still makes you wonder why they couldn’t afford to compensate or partner with The Dove Shack. The festival includes only two Long Beach artist, comrade Warren G  who famously remixes and appears on a version of “Summer Time In The LBC”, and but the song is solely owned by The Dove Shack.

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