A-F-R-O Self Produces His 9th EP “The Drawing Board” with Interesting Results (EP Review)

This is the 9th EP from Los Angeles emcee/producer A-F-R-O. A protege of R.A. the Rugged Man after winning the Definition of a Rap Flow contest, his Duck Down Music Inc.-backed 5th EP A-F-R-O Polo produced by Marco Polo introduced himself as a promising up-&-comer within the underground. He would eventually end up only doing features up until making his official return last summer putting out 3 more EPs, the latest being New Colonel in Town only 5 months ago. However, he’s going back to The Drawing Board.

The title track is a symphonic boom bap opener talking about feeling like he’s the greatest & the most underrated at the same time whereas “Next 2 Shine” works in more kicks & snares with synths breaking down that some of y’all really don’t know him & telling everyone who don’t rock with him to step to the side. “Wing Chun” boasts about things turning lethal every time he drops over a string-laced boom bap instrumental just before “Gone 4 a Second” takes a cloudier route instrumentally acknowledging that he’s been taking time off from music.

“Behead the Beat” speeds up his flow a bit maintaining his prosperity & seeing clarity these days over an orchestral sample while “Old Tyme’s Sake” returns to the boom bap talking about sticking to the script refusing to change it up. “Redemption” mixes synths & hi-hats explaining that he’s found the light in his soul painting his story on the canvas of his own production prior to “Battle Royale” featuring Blind Toxic, EKYM1536, Felcon, Pulse Reaction, SuperBrownBum & 60 East rounding out the EP with an average posse cut.

I admittedly wasn’t sure what was going on with All Flows Reach Out until he made his comeback last year, but The Drawing Board has to be the best EP that he’s put out since he started dropping music again almost a year ago by now & the most that I’ve enjoyed something from him since A-F-R-O Polo the year after I had graduated from high school. His lyricism gives listeners a more personal side to himself & his beats generally stick to the traditional boom bap sound.

Score: 8/10

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