“Another Day at the Office” Marks an Impressive Return for Donnie Darko & Sutter Kain (EP Review)

This is the latest EP from East Coast hip hop artists Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko. The first of whom is a producer, DJ & occasionally MC from New York & the latter being an MC from New Jersey. The 2 have been collaborating with one another pretty much since the beginning, with the last time we heard from them being Before the World Got to UsAfter the World Got to Us during the pandemic. Almost 2 years later, they’re back in effect with Another Day at the Office.

The EP opens up with the 4th installment of the “Block Game” series accompanied by some soulful boom bap production whereas “Origin Stories” takes a more cinematic route declaring himself as the reaper. “Gut Check” is a short yet visceral riot starter from Black Sunday leading into the piano/trap laced “M.V.J.”, which the duo stick around to talk about being beasts.

Meanwhile on “Skywalker”, we have Donnie coming through with a gritty declaration of being the realest in the game while the song “Summer Vibes” perfectly lives up to it’s name from the chipmunk soul sample to even the lyricism. The penultimate track is the 5th installment of the “Block Game” series picking up where the predecessor left off & “Life’s Battles” ends the EP with some horns talking about some more serious topics.

For this to be their comeback after nearly 2 years, I enjoyed it almost as much as their last 2 EPs. I wish a lot of the cuts on here were a bit longer than a minute, but both parties continue to bring the best out of each other from the traditional East Coast production that Sutter Kain provides to the vividly dark lyricism that Donnie & occasionally his Black Sunday cohort display.

Score: 7/10

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