Ant Dog’s 3rd Solo Album “Sadistic Symphony” Takes Himself to New Levels (Album Review)

Ant Dog is a 35 year old MC from California City, California notable for being 1/2 of Madopelli along with having a couple solo albums under his belt so far in The Devil’s Deal & Here 2 Stay. Madopelli wound up signing to Lyrikal Snuff Productionz a year & a half ago with their last couple LPs both going on to become the best of their careers, so it makes sense for Ant Dog to put out his 3rd solo effort through LSP coinciding with M.A.D. putting out the eponymous M.A.D. (Me Against Death) later this weekend also.

After the intro, the first song “Sunday Service” is an organ-laced trap opener talking about taking a crucifix to your neck whereas “Sacrifice” featuring Scum works in some strings & hi-hats so both of them admitting memories of the past brings them to their knees sometimes. “World with No Sun” dabbles with trap metal talking about rolling with the lost & the lead single “Lifeless” by Madopelli joins forces for a wickedly off-the-wall banger.

“Stay Away” hauntingly asks if you can help him get through this maze called life over more hi-hats prior to the futuristic “Death from Above” flexes that he’s been puttin’ in work. “Blood Remains” experiments with trap metal once again to talk about the silence getting us nowhere in the end, but then “Poison” reunites Madopelli once more fuses heavy guitars & hi-hats seeing the darkness in one’s eyes.

Str8 Krazed joins Ant on the orchestral/trap crossover “Feel the Same” talking about the fact that they don’t know why they act the way they do while the morbid “Damned” featuring Bloody Ruckus morbidly finds the 2 clarifying that everyone’s damned anyhow. The final song before the outro “Come Home” featuring Rozz Dyliams finishes Sadistic Symphony with heavy guitars talking about surely running out of time.

The Devil’s Deal & Here 2 Stay both stand as fine examples of what Ant Dog is capable of doing on his own, but Sadistic Symphony really takes it to the next level as his most well-crafted body of solo material thus far & M.A.D. (Me Against Death) tomorrow will surely do the same. Improved production, he shows his artistic versatility & the features all bring their own freshness to the table.

Score: 8/10

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