Big Trip’s 3rd EP “Honestly Filthy” Prod. by Jamil Honesty Refines His Sound (EP Review)

This is the 3rd EP from Detroit, Michigan emcee Big Trip. A member of The Umbrella collective, he introduced himself in 2021 off his first EP Bullet Tooth Tony followed by another one Crasseux of course the full-length debut album Filth Be Thy Name. All of which showed the underground what Big Trip was capable of doing on his own, but felt Honestly Filthy would elevate since Maryland emcee/producer Jamil Honesty was hopping behind the boards for it.

“And Now You Know” starts off ruggedly introducing y’all to his sound refined whereas “Death Wish” takes the boom bap route instrumentally talking about everyone out there who want him dead. “Serenade” works in a pleasant soul sample encouraging to get rich by being real ones doing real shit prior to “Underplays & Overlays” featuring Ty Farris hooking the kicks & snares back up talking about making plays.

Starting the EP’s latter half, “Major League” gives it to them ice cold over a jazzy boom bap beat while “Gillie & Wallo” featuring Jamil Honesty likens themselves to the $1M Worth of Game hosts of the same names. “Filthy Cabaray” gives a middle finger to the fame & the imposters only wanting the money & finally, “Life’s a Gamble” ends Honestly Filthy talking about on some cutthroat shit likening his squad to gorillas & whipping up in the tank like Master P.

Being the 4th project that Big Trip has released of his own in the span of 3 years since beginning to make waves in the underground, it now zips past everything that he’s done previously to quickly take the #1 spot as the crown jewel of his entire discography so far. The production that Jamil Honesty’s cooks up is an excellent refinement of what you’ve heard from Trip in the past & the Detroit emcee jots down some of the hardest bars of his career yet.

Score: 9/10

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