Brigid Bites Introduces Herself on “Hatchet Girl” (EP Review)

Brigid Bites is a 35 year old rapper & dancer from Davenport, Iowa notable for creating the juggalette burlesque troupe in 2017 called Juggaleque. They have since become a drawing attraction at the Gathering or the Juggalos since then with her eventually joining Chapter 17 Records CEO/Psychopathic Records recording artist Ouija Macc on stage quite a few times since. But with the announcement of the 23rd annual Gathering being unveiled a couple days ago, Brigid is now delving into music in the form of a 10-minute debut EP.

The title track is a dance-influenced opener produced by Elevated Focusion a.k.a. Jonny Rhythms about pulling out the hatchet out her back & attacking a crooked cop as well as a dude in a mask standing in her kitchen while the song “Incubooty Call” takes a more occult route sonically for a dedication to all the wicked succubi out there. And prior to the “Heartbeat”outro, the final song “Branded” ties things up nicely with a cloudy trap banger courtesy of Devereaux encouraging everyone to burn down the fucking house.

Coming away from Hatchet Girl, it’s most definitely an impressive introduction as to who Brigid is both musically & personally to the point where I’m excited to watch her grow as an artist from hereon out. Jonny Rhythms & Devereaux both cook up song freshly detailed production on their parts as she establishes herself as a fresh new face in the underground wicked shit scene with some cutthroat lyrical performances. As someone who has eternal clown luv for all juggalos that’ve emerged within the Dark Carnival since I too know what it’s like to be misunderstood & an outcast, it’s always exciting to see your homies succeeding.

Score: 7/10

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