C-Lance’s Debut Album ”The Undying Flame” is a Great Showcasing of His Signature Sound (Album Review)

This is the full-length debut from Boston producer C-Lance. Breaking out in 2010 after becoming an in-house producer for Enemy Soul Entertainment, he would go on to become one of the underground’s most prominent names ranging from the Army of the Pharaohs to Swollen Members. He spent last year dropping a beat tape every single month with each one being composed of samples of music from other countries with summer approaching, C-Lance is at long last unleashing The Undying Flame.

After the intro, “Sons of Godzilla” by Apathy & Celph Titled is an apocalyptic boom bap opener flexing their rapping prowesses whereas “Avocado Money” by Crimeapple & Vinnie Paz works in some vibraphones talking about being in a different ballgame. “Lord of Illusions” by G-Mo Skee & Jarren Benton finds the pair over a melodic vocal sample belittling their competition leading into the piano-laced “Total Disaster” by Cryptic Wisdom, Novatore & Rittz talking about going from nothing to the successful artists that they are today.

Meanwhile on “Behead the God”, we have Tha Connection coming into the picture over some synths that’re reminiscent to that of an old school video game saying the world is theirs just before “The Book of Life” by MURS & R.A. the Rugged Man brings the keys back in to provide the listeners with some inspirational subject matter. “Macaulay Culkin” by Chris Webby & Merkules incorporates some whistling into the beat talking about how crazy they are, but then “Something Different” by Junk hooks up a crooning loop calling out wankstas.

“Leap of Faith” by Big Twins & Evidence finds the 2 boasting their greatness over blobby boom bap instrumental while the appropriately “Bring the Terror” by Blaq Poet & Reef the Lost Cauze weaves in some horns to wreak havoc lyrically. “Tales from the Darkside” by Ill Bill & Snak the Ripper has this dope, pitched-up vocal sample with both MCs delivering some morbidly vivid imagery & after Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind’s interlude, “Riots By Masked Men” by Lord Goat & Recognize Ali eerily gets on their murder shit.

Following that, “Wildfire” by Madchild & Sick Jacken has these incredible organ harmonies comparing themselves to such while the song “Keep Calm” by Charlie Fettah, Daniel Son & Jay Royale finds the trio over a thunderous beat talking about maintaining through the fire. The penultimate track “Last Wishes” by Esoteric, Slaine & Termanology returns to a soulful sound advising not to fuck with them while “Ride It Out” by Blind Fury ends the album on a feel-good note saying he’ll be here until the end.

I’ve been a fan of this dude’s production work since my high school years, so for him to get his own full-length debut was very much anticipated & it certainly lived up to my expectations. It’s a fresh showcase of his signature sound & some of the illest MCs in the underground happen to pop up so they can rip his beats to shreds.

Score: 8/10

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