Chyna Streetz Goes “From Hell to Chanel” (Album Review)

This is the full-length debut album from Brooklyn emcee Chyna Streetz. Starting in the spring of 2018 off her debut EP Weird Girl Antics, she followed this up with 2 more EPs in the form of both Hourglass & more recently Visions respectively. That said: I knew that From Hell to Chanel had to be the next artistic evolution for Chyna compared to those early EPs. Especially considering the fact that R.F.C. Music Group in-house producer 183rd did the whole entire thing top to bottom.

“Chanel Boy” starts by mixing a flute with kicks & snares exclaiming that we done let the right one in whereas “Emerald City” goes for a cloudier atmosphere talking about those moving sloppily even when they’re the ones who be rolling the dice. “Sirens Lullaby” goes straight g-funk reminding everyone that’s listening of the fact she’s been had motion leading into Rome Streetz joining his wife Chyna on “Matrimony” richly talking about it still being hard to believe they found the plug.

Continuing from there, “Bernadine’s Rage” gives off a soulful boom bap vibe declaring herself to be a goddess just before “Dark Night of Soul” passionately looks to make the moment count for a minute straight & the beat enhances the ambitious mood quite a bit. “Entitled” has this crooning sample encouraging y’all to make your next move the best one, but then “888” hops over some strings as well as kicks & snares talking about being born to shine.

“One of One” goes into spacious boom bap turf breaking down her uniqueness while “Right Back” featuring Ox Omni blends kicks & snares with a climactic orchestral flip talking about sending shots right back where they came from. “Judas Kiss” concludes the LP by admitting she’ll never know if it was all worth it & that even know a few have done their names dirty, the roses are still growing.

The trilogy of EPs we’ve gotten from Chyna throughout the last 6 years have each shown artistic progression in her & From Hell to Chanel brings it full circle to the point where I could argue that it’s her most consistent body of work to date in my personal opinion. She’s grown as a songwriter & 183rd’s production is significantly more fluent than her previous material.

Score: 8/10

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