Clouds in a Headlock Make Presence Known With “Breakfast in Phantasia” (Album Review)

Clouds in a Headlock are an international psychedelic hip hop supergroup consisting of emcees Dr. Outer, Èph & GT Lovecraft as well as the production duo Runway 45. As artists members of the ŌFFKILTR collective, they started making waves off their debut mixtape Asmattic that celebrated its 2 year anniversary earlier this month. But now after landing a deal with Fat Beats Records not too long ago, the quintet is getting ready to properly introduce themselves to a wider audience in the form of a full-length debut.

“Raw Suede” is a jazzy opener from none other than Runway 45 with the trio advising those to bow down to them whereas “Snake Eyes” goes into funky boom bap territory talking about respecting the clique. “Phantasia” has a more vintage sound to it with the dusty beat sounding like it was made in the 90’s speaking on their being no limits just before “Another Summer” has a more glistening flare to the instrumental talking about continuing to rock on.

Meanwhile on “The Clouds”, we have Clouds in a Headlock getting more abstract lyrically accompanied by a ghostly vocal sample leading into “Rigmarole” pulling from some blues influences sonically talking about that everything that they hearing in this world is pretty wacky to them. “Artists of the Floating World” is a bit more piano-based instrumentally with some more well-structured cryptic bars, but then “Paperweight” returns to a more jazzier sound talking about holding it down.

“3D Maze” has a more soulful vibe to it assuring that they’re thriving instead of surviving & keeping it moving while the song “Midnight Gospel” comes through a vintage piano loop dedications shots to all his people on the frontline & showing y’all the way they fuckin’ do it. The organs throughout the funky “Flawless” are really sweet as the group encouraging one to give up the fire horse” while the penultimate track “Crushed Ice” blends jazz rap & with a slick bass guitar to call their telescope range limitless.

If you’re looking for a new alternative hip hop outfit to get into, then you’re gonna want to check this album out because I think what they got here is pretty interesting. The production is a bit on the more experimental side to it with the lyricism being kin to that of Company Flow or even the Souls of Mischief. Interesting to hear how much they artistically grow down the line.

Score: 7/10

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