Conway the Machine Begins the Next Phase of His Career on 3rd Album “Won’t He Do It” (Album Review)

Conway the Machine is a 41 year old MC & entrepreneur from Buffalo, New York who blew up in late 2015 as part of the 3 OGs of Griselda Records alongside his brother Westside Gunn & their cousin Benny the Butcher. Ever since the trio have rose to prominence, they’ve had hip hop lock by their constant work ethic balancing quality & quality as well as vividly detailing their lives in the streets on top of boom bap production kin to that of RZA & Havoc in their music. Con’s full-length debut From King to a God was my Album of the Year for 2020 & the Shady Records-backed sophomore effort God Don’t Make Mistakes is the most personal he’s ever been. But coming off Organized Grime 2 & the Big Ghost Ltd.-produced What Has Been Blessed Cannot Be Cursed, the Machine is now making up for the delays surrounding his long-awaited 3rd album by dropping it ahead of a sequel later this month supposedly.

“Quarters” lets it off with a boom bap instrumental courtesy of Khrysis talking about how everyone knows the way they rock & catch you comin’ out your bitch spot whereas “Brucifix” gets on some good ol’ Hall ‘N Nash shit with Daringer dabbling with drumless bare loops talking about how neither he or West don’t rock with any of these industry motherfuckers. “Monogram” has a more luxurious approach to it expressing his desire to sell cocaine forever just before Ransom comes into the picture for “Stab Out” to smoke everybody over some pianos, kicks & snares courtesy of JR Swiftz.

Moving on to “Flesh of My Flesh”, we have La Maquina confessing it’s still hard to fathom what over done with Daringer pulling from rock music a bit with the beat leading into “Kanye” literally gives everyone something to talk about considering Hall ‘N Nash’s stellar feature on “Keep My Spirit Alive” (the original KayCyy version all day. He should’ve never fucked with it) off DONDA a couple summers ago & both of them in the studio with Dr. Dre last August around the 1-year anniversary saying he had some convos with the my 6th favorite producer of all-time that he’ll simply keep to myself over a piano instrumental from the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

Jae Skeese comes into the picture for “The Chosen” sampling “Above & Below” by Charlie Steinnman displaying the strong chemistry that we got a couple months ago on their recent collab EP Pain Provided Profit prior to GooseByTheWay & Dave East sliding through for “Water to Wine”, which is an exquisite ballad that E. Jones laced for the girls that just wanna have fun. “After the “Kill Judas” interlude, “Brick Fare” acknowledges that he’s been a shooter over a spooky boom bap beat while “Brooklyn Chop House” with Benny the Butcher & Fabolous ditches the drums for a bare string instrumental talking about their progress being impossible to stifle.

The song “Tween Cross Tween” works in some kicks, snares & a flute saying you can play all you want as he stays grinding while the title track with 7xvethegenius comes through with a buried sample from Cozmo & G Koop talking about trying to get more cheddar even though people are envious of them. “Super Bowl” featuring Sauce Walka was the lead single to this album & ends the album with a decent trap banger produced by Juicy J dropping braggadocio.

God Don’t Make Mistakes happens to serve as the bridge to the next phase of his already decorated career that begins with Won’t He Do It & it’s a super solid look into what the future holds for him even though he never disappoints to begin with. Some of the hooks are kinda iffy, but the production is a fine melting pot of the sounds he’s dabbled with up to this point & Con’s bars absolutely make up for it.

Score: 8/10

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