CRIM Returns with 3rd EP “In the Meantime”, First in 4 Years (EP Review)

CRIM is a 30 year old MC from Detroit, Michigan who started out under the original moniker Crimson Alchemist releasing her debut EP E4 in 2018 pulling inspiration from her love for Pokémon & subsequently the 2020 Valentine’s Day-themed 4H (For Her) only a month until the world as we know it went under lockdown. She has since been putting out singles & doing features, but is taking the next step in her official return switching up her moniker & putting out her 3rd EP albeit her first body of work in over 4 years.

“Wrong Turn” sets off the EP mixing technique & passion for a lifetime commitment over pianos, kicks & snares whereas “Adversary” is this synth-boom bap hybrid talking about solemnly swearing she’s up to no good. “The Whitney” featuring Jazar & Semi 6 starts the 2nd half of In the Meantime taking a jazzier approach instrumentally noticing everything ain’t the same once you get into the game prior to “The 11th Hour” featuring J. Santino finishing the EP returning to the boom bap so she can talk about regrouping.

I was fortunate to meet CRIM a few summers ago around the time that Fatt Father had delivered his 5th album Soccer Dad produced by Foul Mouth & found the way that she blended conscious lyricism with the nerdcore style of hip hop to be pretty distinctive. In the Meantime however could be my new favorite EP of hers & one that those who’ve been sleeping on her for over a decade should wake themselves up to with. Instrumentally, you’re getting the traditional boom bap sound & CRIM jumping over them recapping what she’s been going through.

Score: 8/10

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