Darby O’Trill & Shaggytheairhead Elevate Their Chemistry on “10 Bandz” Prod. by Devereaux (Album Review)

Key Largo, Florida emcee Darby O’Trill as well as Las Vegas, Nevada producer, emcee & fashion designer Shaggytheairhead teaming up for a new collaborative LP only a month after Darby had dropped Anemoia with Chapter 17 Records founder/Psychopathic Records recording artist Ouija Macc to significant acclaim. These guys have done numerous songs with each other in the past such as “Street Trash” & “Greaper Shorts” to only name a couple, so it was really a matter of time before they took it to the next level & got together to release 10 Bandz produced by none other than Devereaux.

“It’s Dem Again” gets the ball rolling with this off-the-wall trap opener talking about both of them being back in this bitch whereas “B U L L S H I T” works in a murky backdrop & hi-hats brushing off any nonsense that people try to bring their way. “Put ‘Em in the Dump Truck” has a bouncier flare instrumentally telling everyone else to simply shut the fuck up leading into “The Box” looking to put all their opps in a coffin. “Neva Mine” menacingly looks to take your whip & bitch at the same time since they caught you lackin’, but then the morbid “Fuck Shit” talks about admittedly trying to get themselves involved in some shit.

Meanwhile on “Perpetually Drifting Through the Void”, we have Darby & Shaggy hauntingly portrays what it’s like on the other side just before “Street Trash 3” serves as the final installment in the titular trilogy that Piecemeal began and Lazy & Crazy continued. “S Q U A D” draws near the end of the LP by aggressively talking about how some would never understand since they ain’t with the shit whatsoever prior to “F.U.T.G.” (Fuck Up The Game)” closing out 10 Bands with a misty trap vibe instrumentally as both MCs set out continuing to fuck up the game.

10 Bandz marks the first collaborative album to come out on C17 where Ouija isn’t one of the 2 artists performing together, opting for the label’s only other artist currently & even giving a chance for one of their in-house producers to shine on the mic with him. Needless to say: I highly enjoyed it as much as Anemoia last month. Darby O’Trill & Shaggytheairhead have always pinged off one another excellently over the years, they’re just bringing in one of the underground’s hottest producers Devereaux to elevate their chemistry.

Score: 9/10

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