DJ Muggs Brings the Best Out of Mooch on “Roc Star” (Album Review)

This is the 6th full-length LP from Rochester emcee Mooch. Breaking out as a part of Da Cloth, he would catch my attention off the Futurewave-produced debut Boss Sauce & his collab effort with Rigz produced by Big Ghost Ltd. called The Only Way Out. It’s been quite some time since I last discussed Mooch’s music since I covered Da 5th Power over 3 years ago, but knew Roc Star was going to be his masterpiece after learning DJ Muggs was fully producing it.

The title track starts off on the epically drumless tip talking about being a top dog at this point in his career whereas “Soul Screaming” takes the luxurious approach instrumentally likening his literal soul screaming similarly to how the 70s been. “Uncut Hope” has this rawer boom bap flare to the beat bragging that his shit been dope leading into “Trumpets” working in more kicks & snares into the picture requiring to make the discussion if you wanna make it out of the trenches.

“Belly” brings a jazzier flare to the table lookin’ awesome sparkin’ in the dark while “Mooch Moses” returns to the boom bap talking about selling the water that Jesus had turned into wine. The triumphant “It Ain’t Ready” flexes that it’s 31 grams of this oil & noting it’s quite heavy while “Walk Yours” featuring Rigz goes into soulful turf as both members motivate you to shrug off anyone hating on your progress.

Meanwhile on “My Shit’s Beautiful” has these killer guitar riffs throughout as Mooch justifiably brags about just how beautiful his shit actually is while “M.A.V. x Mooch x Times” featuring M.A.V. & Times Change finds the trio over more soul samples bring it to hard-core for literally 3 minutes straight. “Mazda” has these uncanny strings dissing those fake-racing with the God prior to the peacefully drumless “Assets & Liabilities” closing Mooch’s best LP to date breaking down the difference between the 2.

Boss Sauce has always been my favorite solo effort of Mooch’s up until this point, but I can’t deny that Roc Star has taken over that spot because this album more than surpassed my expectations. Muggs’ production here is more consistent than some of Mooch’s recent output, the man himself lyrically is at the strongest he’s been in a couple years & even the unparalleled features are well assorted.

Score: 9/10

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