Drip Drops Properly Introduce Themselves in the Form of a Eponymous Debut (Album Review)

Drip Drops is a West Coast duo from California consisting of Inland Empire up-&-comer S. Dub & the original P-Town Balla himself D-Loc of prior Kottonmouth Kings fame. Both parties initially landed their own spots on the Kingmaker Music compilation The Harvest, but are now joining forces together for a full-length debut under Loc’s independently owned P.T.B. Records imprint.

“Get Wet” is a vibrant opener to the album with Drip Drops talking about keeping the party popping whereas “Bic Bros” blends trap with hyphy encouraging all the weed smokers in the building to bounce & burn an ounce of that good kush with them. “Strains” takes a more spacious route in terms of sound to rattle off some of their favorite weed strains hence the title just before the flute-tinged “Shine It Up” talks about shining like the rims on a brand new truck.

Moving on with “Who Want the Smoke?”, we have Loc & S. Dub asking if anyone really wants beef with either one of them over some synth-based production leading into the bouncy “S.a.B. (Smoke a Blunt)” encouraging the listener to light up an L with them. “Hello Modelo” has more of a hyphy flare to it talking about alcohol, but then “Talking My Shit” acknowledges that they’re both doing just that on the regular over a bombastic beat. The track “We Kings” weaves some pianos referring to themselves as royalty & prior to the outro, “Drips from the Bong” ends the album with their own spin on the Cypress Hill jam “Hits from the Bong”.

Now if the glorified D-Loc solo album 25 to Life turned you off to P.T.B. Records & understandably so, then you’re gonna wanna check out Drip Drops’ self-titled debut here because it’s the best product that we’ve gotten from Shaky Bonez’ indie label thus far. The mix is better & I feel like S. Dub gets a really good look throughout whether it be the verses that he wrote for Loc or the way that one another pings off each other on the mic.

Score: 7/10

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