“Drumwork: The Album” Displays the Distinctive Talents of the Drumwork Music Group Roster (Album Review)

Drumwork Music Group is an independent hip hop record label based in Buffalo, New York founded by Conway the Machine in 2020 distributed by EMPIRE with Jae Skeese & 7xvethegenius as their first signings. La Maquina has since expanded the roster by bringing Goosebytheway, Lucky Seven, SK da King & Shots Almigh all on board. So considering the squad is gradually growing, it only makes sense to conceive their very 1st showcase compilation.

“Hov Numbers” by Conway the Machine, Goosebytheway, Lucky Seven, SK da King & 7xvethegenius is a 6 minute opener to the compilation with an airy trap instrumental from the label’s only in-house producer Unique declaring they’re still in their bag whereas “Lonely” by Jae Skeese, Lucky & SK dives right into boom bap turf sonically as the trio talk about getting it. “Lalo” by Conway featuring Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh works in some woodwinds, kicks & snares as the trio discuss drug money leading into “City Grill” by Goose, Jae & 7xve has a slicker quality to the beat talking about how things get surprising because it’s mesmerizing.

“Rory Joint” by Jae Skeese & 7xvethegenius finds the label’s first 2 signings returning to the boom bap promising to leave y’all painted on some art shit just before Shots Almigh joins Jae & Goosebytheway for “Blue Glass” layering these kicks & snares on top of a vocal loop talking about having to get the bands to survive. “Take It Back” by Goose, Lucky Seven, SK da King & 7xve has these crooning vocals in the background that I like with the 4 talking about throwing it back to the old days prior to “Elephant Man” by Conway the Machine, Goose, Heem, Rome Streetz & SK brings the quintet together over a cinematic boom bap beat admitting their minds are made up.

Goosebytheway, Jae Skeese, Lucky Seven & SK da King the final leg of the comp by linking up for “This is War” returns to a more soulful quality to the instrumental making it clear that none of them can be another casualty while the song “Crown for Queens” is an empowering 7xvethegenius solo cut about no one being able to stop her. The song “Andre 3000” by Conway the Machine & D Smoke goes into jazzier boom bap territory thanks to Bangladesh telling y’all to look how far they’ve been brought while the penultimate track “Sudan” by Con, Goose, Lo Profile & Shots Almigh intimidatingly talks about not playing around where they’re from. “Far Away” by Con & Elcamino is a minimally produced closer with Beat Butcha behind the boards discussing the game they play.

I’m sure we’re gonna get more showcase comps from the Drumwork camp in the near future, but their first over here definitely makes it seem like that it’s only the beginning of their dominance. The production’s tight, the features from their affiliates/outside collaborators are all well picked out & each artist on the label’s current roster all have their own distinctive characteristics that they each display with the hunger that continues to grow from within everyone.

Score: 8/10

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