Enter the Mind of Mo$tWanted With His 2nd EP “L.A. Zoo” (EP Review)

This is the 2nd EP from up-&-coming Los Angeles emcee Mo$tWanted. Emerging in the spring of 2020 off his full-length debut Flesh of West, he would go on to follow it up with his last EP Mentally iLL alongside his last 2 albums ‘Till Heaven Land & Divine Timing. But coming fresh off his opening set for Conway the Machine last month, it intrigued me enough to check out L.A. Zoo that came out at the beginning of the fall.

“L.A. Zoo Troopn’” opens things up with a trap instrumental & Mo$tWanted rapping about the streets recruiting more soldiers at a young age whereas “Can I Hit It?” is a more melodic cut with heavy auto-tune & a bit of a skeletal beat getting romantic. “Step on ‘Em” however goes into hyphy turf talking about having his foot on their necks prior to “600 East” returning to the trap sound discussing never switching up.

Continuing with “Live Grenades”, we have Mo$tWanted sliding for his killers on top of a spacious instrumental with some hi-hats while the song “Way That They Made Me” is a piano-trap cut detailing the exact cloth that he was cut from. The penultimate track “Grateful” has a more personal tone to it lyrically expressing his gratitude with an instrumental that has a bit of a psychedelic flare to it & “Mob Talks in the Mirror” is an acoustic/trap closer with the title saying it all as far as subject matter goes.

If y’all not up on this guy by now, then L.A. Zoo would be an ideal place to start because this has gotta be the most well-crafted body of his so far. The trap/hyphy production is cold & I give him all the credit in the world for taking the listeners through his mind with vicious vernacular & witty wordplay touching on the highs & lows of this crazy thing that we call life.

Score: 7/10

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