EsZ – “If You Didn’t Get This Message, Call Me” EP (Album)

Rising Brooklyn based underground Hip Hop artist EsZ releases his new EP titled “If You Didn’t Get This Message, Call Me“.

EsZ ( E crooked letter Z ) delivers a flawless tapestry of flows and styles on the labyrinth of “If You Didn’t Get This Message, Call Me”. With a psychedelic array of samples anchored by powerful beats, the entire collection has a dreamy sheen to it. Lyrically concise, the way these songs explore a life fully lived feels masterful. Melodies glimmer in the luxurious sheen that graces the entirety of the collection. Stylistically, EsZ draws from a wide variety of genres from R&B, hip-hop, electronica, dance, and pop into a satisfyingly sweet whole.

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Senior Publisher for @UGHHBLOG // Been an Underground Hip Hop fan all my life and I'm dedicated to keeping the culture alive on a daily basis. Working hard every day and staying positive is what LIFE is all about.

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