Fame & Phonz – “That Pressure” (Album Review)

Cincinnati is stacked with fresh out the oven hot up-and-coming artists right now. Leading the classes of newbies is the popular duo known as Fame & Phonz. Today, the swagalicious duo prepare to put Cincinnati on the map with their latest project, properly-titled, That Pressure.

The extremely talented duo have well-earned respect throughout the music industry. Cincinnati has thrown huge parties project X-esque style over the years for the two and recently did a two-day music festival called, “That Pressure Fest” that featured the rising stars. Bringing out their cult-like fan base. On the new 9-track release, Famz & Phonz display an energetic, tribe, underground rap persona that you can’t resist.

Stream Fame & Phonz new project, That Pressure, below courtesy of Spotify.

The project’s production is unknown as it lacks attention. Plain because of its “regular” drums and claps, the project’s production fails to amuse, unlike most underground Hip Hop projects. Thanks to the group’s undeniable energy, the project’s lack of sonics are properly unbeknowst without a single complaint. Under the circumstances, the group’s unnecessary needs for explosive production only makes the group more marketable.

Lyrically, both Famz and Phonz are fun to hear on the beat. Entertaining, the group’s slick rhymes, hustling scriptures, and intriguing impression speak volumes to newfound fans. The unlimited creativity allows fans to accrue interest as they see the album through. Through great story-telling of today’s Cincinnati, we get a complete aspect of what the city has to offer, and it’s a must-see.

On That Pressure, the duo exhibits luxurious shopping spree-like tenacity with abundant use of expensive fabrics terminology. Reassuring the city’s pride in the hood rockstar lifestyle. Aggressive but braggadocious, its the group’s confidence that is most admirable on the project. However, flawed, the duo boast and brag a level of skill that they overcompensatedly haven’t yet reached.

Their chemistry is well-groomed, their lyricism is flashy with its flavor for the fabrics, but overall there is plenty of room for improvement. Better competition will make the duo an even bigger force with the purpose of raising their creativity. Until then, the group will be a promising prospect with a continuously growing buzz.

Rating: 8/10

Highlight: Energy

Follow Fame & Phonz on Twitter: @fameyno

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