FelDrö – “TeLL’EM” (Single Review)

FelDrö might come off to some as kind of a goofy personality, sporting glasses with fake eyebrows attached to the top of the rims. Maybe he is, or maybe he isn’t. Either way, his latest single “Tell ‘Em” kind of slaps.

I wouldn’t say that the song is revolutionary or some must hear banger of the summer, but it’s definitely a fun listen. FelDrö’s lyrics aren’t terribly impressive, and his punchlines are decent. His delivery can feel sloppy at times, but it’s really not, that’s just your ears playing tricks on you. What he’s doing is switching up the number of syllables in his lines to throw off your ability to anticipate what’s coming next. Whether or not this was an intentional play on his part, I really can’t tell, but his actual delivery of each line is pretty solid.

The best part, and reason I say “Tell ‘Em” slaps, is the production. Scott Joplin Jr is an incredibly gifted producer and the beat he crafted for this track is instantaneously infectious and dirty as hell. The ensemble feels refreshing and cohesive from start to finish, and there really isn’t anything you could add to the instrumental to make it sound better or fit with the vocals more. It’s a phenomenal job top to bottom.

But that’s about it. The production is fantastic, the lyrics are not high caliber, but are also not too outlandish or derivative that they could be considered bad. They’re just fun. And I think that’s where a song like “Tell ‘Em” thrives and is meant to be.

Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Production, Flow Switches

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