Felt – “Felt 4 U” (Album Review)

Felt is a duo consisting of underground veterans MURS & Slug. The pair made their debut in late 2002 with a self-titled full-length produced by The Grouch, but would step their game up a lot much more on their 2005 sophomore effort that featured front to back production from Ant. Last we heard from them was in ‘09 with a 3rd album that was entirely produced by Aesop Rock but after a dropping a loosie earlier this week, MURS & Slug are hooking back up with Ant to drop Felt 4 U out of nowhere.

The album kicks off with “Never Enough”, where the duo talk about leveling up over a funky beat. The next song “Find My Way” talks about forever paying the price over an instrumental to cruise down the street to while the track “Don’t Do Me Like That” talks about getting into arguments with their wives over a mellow beat. The song “Trees” sees the 2 trading bars back & forth over a boom bap beat with an organ loop while the track “Through the Night” gets romantic over a sensual instrumental.

The song “Freeze Tag” is a crowd mover with a somewhat disco inspired beat while the track “Sticks & Stones” looks back on their childhoods over a heavenly instrumental. The song “Underwater” gets back on the love side of things over a fittingly aquatic instrumental while the track “Alexander F’real” continues to show their chemistry over a slick beat. The song “Hologram” with The Grouch & Aesop Rock sees the 4 talking about how they don’t give a fuck what people be hollering over what could possibly be the darkest instrumental on the whole album while the penultimate track “Crimson Skies” talk about being at the crossroads over a cinematic boom bap beat. The album finishes with “Borboleta”, where Felt talks about how far they’ve come & how far they have left down the road over an summery instrumental.

These guys have never disappointed me personally & this is a pretty damn good comeback for them. Ant absolutely kills it on the boards whereas both MURS & Slug both sound like they never left because the way they compliment each other is still as fantastic as ever.

Score: 8/10

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