Foul Mouth Brings the Best Out of Jalen Frazier on His Debut LP ”The Drop” (Album Review)

This is the full-length debut studio LP from up-&-coming Detroit emcee Jalen Frazier. Getting his footing in during the fall of 2020 off the strength of his debut EP Expressions of the Neglected, he would continue to turn heads in the local underground scene last summer with the follow-up God Bless My Chalice. But for his first proper album, Middle Finger Music co-founder as well as one of the most in-demand producers that the Motor City has seen in recent memory Foul Mouth is being brought in for The Drop.

“Run In Packs” gets things rolling with this grimy ass boom bap instrumental & Jalen talking about talking about all he knows out here in Detroit is to attack whereas “Curbside Service” fuses vibraphones & boom bap drums detailing the street life. The groovy “Soul Check” asking for God to forgive him for the sinning that he’s been committing just before “Prince of a Brick” featuring Bizarre formerly of D12 was a dustily hardcore choice of a single detailing the savage lifestyles that they live.

Moving on from there, “Braille” has this drumless soul flip acknowledging that motherfuckers be moving funny and that they shouldn’t be getting it confused prior to “Profit $ee” featuring Chubs & Dango Forlaine bringing the trio together bringing back the kicks & snares so they can collectively get on their battle shit lyrically. The piano/boom bap hybrid “Sworn Enemy” looks to shed blood if you fuck with what he loves, but then the cloudy yet dusty “Effervescence” talks about being out here grinding.

“21 Grams” rawly looks to isolate himself so he can just chop it up with his conscious while “Choppin’ Block” lavishly talks about done, doing everything the shit y’all on. “Code of the Street” mixes a guitar with kicks & snares spittin’ real talk while “Murder” begins the encore of The Drop by bringing these strings, kicks & snares together rubbing it in your face that he & his crew have done mastered everything you’ve wanted to attempt out here. “Even Keel” wraps up the album on a rap rock note saying that this pussy done lost him the moment that he tried to test him.

I’ll just come out & say that Jalen’s voice kinda sounds like Westside Gunn’s a bit but once you get past that, he does have some dope bars & Foul Mouth helped bring the bus out of him on this album. It’s more well produced than what Jalen has done previously being more introspective & socially conscious than before touching on a vast range of topics from personal struggles & triumphs to commentary on the state of the world.

Score: 8/10

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