“Greenthumbs Meets Trigger Fingers” on Vic Spencer’s 6th EP Produced by 38 Spesh (EP Review)

This is the 6th EP from Chicago veteran Vic Spencer. Throughout the past decade or so, he’s made up a lengthy solo discography for himself with highlights including the Big Ghost Ltd.-produced The Ghost of Living to the SonnyJim-produced Spencer for Higher trilogy. Last time we heard from Vic was over the fall when he dropped the Stu Bangas-produced I.M.P.a.C.T. (I Must Punch a Car Today) & here we are 3 months later with him enlisting 38 Spesh behind the boards so Greenthumbs can meet Trigger Fingers.

“Fireproof” is a jazzy opener about how he’s gotten better with age whereas “Chicago Heights” with The Musalini takes a more funkier yet orchestral approach as both MCs get boastful on the lyrical front. “Match Made in Heaven” has a more solemn approach sonically asking what you do with the same 24 hours as him prior to the lavish “Summertime Crimes” talking about doing a lot of shit on his own. The song “Wisemind” with Rome Streetz has a more mystical beat as they touch on their wisdom while the penultimate track “Hog Tied” over an organ-laced instrumental cashing out on broke rappers. “Hard to Get” with Rasheed Chappell is a groovy closer talking about hitting them drums in the slums like blues percussion.

I.M.P.a.C.T. (I Must Punch a Car Today) wound up being my favorite project that Vic dropped last year & Greenthumbs Meets Trigger Fingers is on par if not superior in my personal opinion. The performances from the features are a bit more consistent than they were on the last EP, but that doesn’t stop Spesh’s production & Vic’s lyricism gelling as well as they do with one another.

Score: 8/10

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