“Holding My Composure” is an Impressive Debut for Omar R.A.P.P.$. (Album Review)

Omar R.A.P.P.$. is an up-&-coming MC from Chicago, Illinois who’s been dropping a handful of singles for a little over a year now. However, all of that has been building up to his full-length debut over here showing the world what he’s capable of on the mic.

“Fake the Real” kicks off the album on a jazzy note talking about how he can’t do such thing & after “The Call” skit, “Make It Out” takes a more somber route talking about drowning in the henny. J. Adair tags along for “Dreams” working in a more colorful instrumental saying they’re just trying to make it here just before the title track goes into soulful territory with some hi-hats talking about holding his composure despite everything going on his life.

Meanwhile on “Boa”, we have Omar over some more trap production with a crooning vocal sample chasing a milli leading into UTP Jamma coming into the picture for “H.G.A.” talking about being about the money over a melodic instrumental. “Realign” goes into a more vintage direction in terms of sound encouraging to make your life better but after the “My Time” skit, the final song “My Time” throws some strings in the mix talking about how he’s up next & “Your Glory” ends the album with a skit.

For this to be his first album, he definitely proved me that he has potential & I’d recommend keeping an eye out of this cat in the future. The features are just ok, but I think production is very eclectic in terms of overall sound & the hunger in his voice is just undeniable in my personal opinion.

Score: 7/10

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