Keagan Grimm is Spitting the “Gospell” (Album Review)

Keagan Grimm is a 43 year old rapper from Orlando, Florida getting his start in the underground wicked shit scene under the original moniker Grimm Gutter properly introducing himself in 2015 off the debut EP Day of Darkness followed by The Obscure in 2019 & Gravel Mouth in 2021 respectively on top of doing features for the likes of a handful of notable names within the juggalo realm from BAD MiND to both Claas & even Bukshot of The Underground Avengers respectively. As his popularity continues to grow amongst the horrorcore heads however, the sophomore effort he’s been teasing since last summer after his set at the 3rd annual Camp Xul has been sounding promising.

After the “First Communion” intro, the first song “Chuurch” begins the album with a boom bap instrumental from J Reno talking about the bad guy being up in this bitch whereas “Indigo” finds BAD MiND incorporating synthesizers & hi-hats explaining that it ain’t hard to mind your business or to lie to kick it. “Arson Welles” is this piano/cloud rap crossover looking to let off steam prior to “Warship” featuring Famz hopping over a trap beat talking about going off like powder kegs.

“Old Mister Misery” brings the keys back into the fold likening himself to that of a living shadow just before “Nasty Habits” featuring Sleep Lyrical blends the synths & hi-hats once more talking about how another red flag they should’ve seen. “Runaway” expresses Keagan’s desire to drift away accompanied by a cold trap beat, but then the unhinged “Weathered” featuring Nastie Ink & Stray talking about there being something inside of them.

The song “Sin, Repent, Repeat” stays grounded into that dark trap sound basically saying there’s no hope here while “Danse Macabre” featuring Billy Obey & S.O.N. fuses g-funk & boom bap together talking about Heaven shining a light on them because they deserve it. “Fine By Me” finishes the LP with 1 last chilling trap joint going from facing his demons to not sleeping at all.

Keagan’s been getting noticeably better as an MC over the years, so I went into Gospellconvinced that it could possibly be the most crafted full-length in his discography so far. Lo & behold: That’s what happens here. J Reno & BAD MiND’s production flips between boom bap & trap, Keagan himself is on a whole new level lyrically & the guest-list tightly amasses some of the biggest names in the underground horrorcore scene.

Score: 8/10

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