Komplex – “Prestigious” (Mixtape Review)

Cleveland Ohio artist Komplex releases a new album called “Prestigious“.At 1st sight the art work looked like something Bob Ross would paint  I was intrigued couldn’t wait to play it. Many great artist & groups have came from Cleveland Ohio like Bone Thugs & Harmony, Kid Cudi so we know the atmosphere creates stars.

The tape begins with a song called “Prestigious” with a classic sonic vibration, you can almost visually see what Komplex is saying it melts right in as he explains how he feel and love but never really knew her. As the song continues Komplex explains his most introspective moments about his marriage. When artist are able to open up and put there emotions on the table is becomes a recipe for good music. Conceptual being at a lost for words when love is infinite shows us how things can get lost in communcation.

“I applaud You” feat Moon was a chill track aimed at the users !! I loved how both rappers complemented each other sonically with comedic overtones. This cut was showing  Komplex back on the dating scene but seeing why he doesn’t want to connect with certain types of women. This seamlessly played in from the last concept of the bad break up and now he’s testing the waters. “Adequate” was a story of dream were Komplex lived a whole lifetime and lost a child with a very special girl this reminded me of time wraps in movies etc very exciting thought. In the dream he writes a letter to an X lover checking on her after they endured a painful lost.

“Common Sense” was about putting it all on the table this was my favorite song so far this vibration and openness         was right on point and par with the leading lyrics in the game these are concepts and songs that need to be heard. “Analyze” was fly the word play showed off the wordsmith ability, kinda feel in later as the song continues very hallow beat. The 2nd verse being different makes it stand out for the better nice touch.

“Unresponsive” was another stand out track feat Silk Satchomo were it shows him explaining a story of the humble giant inside who kills himself because of emotional pain. This song is beautiful in its nature as it shows another side to the suffering of the individuals who took they’re own life and freedom to start over. “Exploration” is about the problems of a real artist in the music industry pressed for records and success when you lose the process. The production on “Here To Stay” was smooth the soul sample was a great touch to the way Complex road the beat, this was mores so of a fun loving track showing off his dynamic rap skills.

As the album concludes the last track is titled “Appreciate Art” again this production is fire and this one is probably the best one on the album. I see the formulas of going out with a bang and keeping the listeners wanting more. The poetry explaining how music and art becomes the soul. For more music from Komplex follow him on social media and Spotify.

Rate: 8/10

Highlights: Classic Sonically


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