Kut One Celebrates Hip Hop 50 by Releasing His 3rd Album “Live Wires 3” (Album Review)

This is the 3rd full-length album from Australian producer Kut One. Emerging within the underground in 2019 off The Icons split EP, he would then go on to drop a debut LP Live Wires during the pandemic & follow it up over a year later in the form of a sequel. But in light of hip hop’s 50th birthday today, it only makes sense for Kut to celebrate by making the Live Wires series into a trilogy.

“Get Some” by Change, King Magnetic & Tom Sav is a gritty, piano boom bap opener with the trio telling anyone to bring all the smoke to them whereas “Stay Sucker Free” by Jamal Gasol works in some kicks, snares & strings talking about cutting all the cornballs out of his life. “Good for Nuthin’” by Daniel Son, Estee Nack & Saipher Sozë is an easy highlight for me as we get 3 deadly verses over a synth-laced boom bap instrumental just before “Mount Up” by Guilty Simpson stands out to me as well sending warning shots accompanied by an apocalyptic backdrop attached to more kicks & snares.

The eerie atmosphere throughout “Skip the Nonsense” by The Bad Seed is cool as he obviously encourages to take the high road when it comes to all the bullshit, but then “Never Settle” by Rim of Da Villins delivers another great cut from the sample-heavy beat to the lyrics getting it on his own. “Listen Up” by Pretty Bulli has a gloomier boom bap approach talking about having a couple screws loose leading into the spacious “No Room to Grow” by Craig G tells us that’s how he’s feeling.

“It’s My Word” by Rasheed Chappell begins the final leg of the album with a somber backdrop mixing kicks, snares & occasionally some hi-hats on top of it to talk the facts prior to “Been a Long Time” by Verbz officially tying everything all up with an incredibly pleasant instrumental catching up with everyone telling us how it’s been with him in the last several years up to this point.

There’s no question that Kut One has already cemented himself as one of the underground’s biggest beatsmiths to come out of Australia & whether the Live Wires series will continue on with a 4th installment or we get a new series in general, the latest of the trilogy is on par with the predecessors. The production is sonically diverse grounded in boom bap & a tight list of performers with the highs being noteworthy highs.

Score: 7/10

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