Madchild & Obnoxious Unleash Incredible Collab Effort “Mobsters & Monsters” (Album Review)

This is a brand new collaborative album between Vancouver underground veteran Madchild as well as San Diego up-&-comer Obnoxious. One of whom rose to success in the late 90s/early 2000s with the trio Swollen Members & the other being one of the first new acts to join Suburban Noize Records since the label’s relaunch in the spring of 2019, forming the supergroup King Klick with Chucky Chuck & Johnny Richter. But as he gets ready to drop his sophomore album albeit Subnoize debut Sic Audio next year, Obnoxious & Madchild are joining forces for Mobsters & Monsters.

“Ambush” is a rugged trap opener with both MCs flexing their lyrical prowesses whereas “Black Out” dives into boom bap territory thanks to C-Lance getting mor intimidating with their performances. West Coast. veteran Sick Jacken tags along for the dusty yet inspiring “Work for It” to keep things in the basement as far as sound goes what you have to do if you desire the finer things in life, but then “Drop Off” advising to prepare for the worst with a gripping instrumental.

Moving on from there with “Lost Cause”, we have Madchild & Obnoxious over a unique vocal sample declaring themselves as the top dogs leading into “Fully Loaded Clip (Secret)” returning to the boom bal to spit that gun talk. Henry AZ’s verse on “Panama” is respectfully the weakest feature on the album despite the cavernous production along with the theme of receiving a package from a cartel in the titular country & counting hundreds until “Skull Mask” grimly describing having the strap in their laps.

The song “Talons” returns to trap turf to belittle anyone who wants to step up to either one of them while the headbanger of a penultimate track “No Trust” with Chapter 17/Psychopathic Records’ very own Ouija Macc finding the trio talking about being a problem & the instrumental here is absolutely electrifying in every way possible. The closer “Ugly” however truly finishes Mobsters & Monsters with a spacious beat acknowledging the fact that they’re both crazy inside the head.

Compared to the very few other projects that Suburban Noize dropped throughout 2022, this is easily my favorite of them all & it makes me ecstatic for the label’s 25th anniversary approaching in the coming year. The production has a primarily boom bap vibe that both MCs have employed with the past with some trap undertones & lyrically, Obnoxious continues to cement himself as one of the best MCs in San Diego right now & Madchild goes even harder than he did on his latest album Super Beast although I still stand on it being his best since Demons.

Score: 9/10

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