Madchild – “The Little Monster LP” (Album Review)

Madchild is a 45 year old MC from Vancouver, Canada most notable for being a part of the well regarded trio Swollen Members. He also has 5 solo albums, with the previous one being the Suburban Noize-backed Demons. However just a year & a half later, Madchild is back with his 6th full-length effort.

The album kicks off with “Narcos”, where Madchild talks about studio gangsters over a rubbery trap beat. The next song “I Was on Drugs” talks about his addiction over an instrumental with some plinky keys while the track “Silver Surfer” talks about being explosive over a grimy boom bap beat from C-Lance. The song “Pallbearer” gets on the battle bar tip over a chaotic instrumental while the track “Structural Damage” talks about having mob ties over a quirky trap beat.

The song “Demons in Human Form” talks about cops over murky instrumental while the track “Hard Headed” talks about how violent-minded he is over a gloomy beat. The song “G.F.Y. (Go Fuck Yourself)” is a middle finger anthem backed by an evil instrumental while the track “Run It Up” talks about remembering his enemies over an abrasively dark trap beat.

The song “Fucdat” talks about never folding up over a Middle Eastern-inflicted trap instrumental while the track “Pale Horse” talks about time no longer being on his side. The song “Curb Stomper” with Jimmy Donn sees the 2 talking about being out of their minds over a funereal instrumental & then the closer “Sleeping Bear” is Madchild comparing himself to such over an old school beat.

Even though dude is a veteran in the underground, this album is just average to me. Madchild is definitely spitting harder than ever before, but most of these joints are really short running at 2 minutes & the production is hit or miss. Still very much looking forward to his upcoming collab album with Obnoxious set to drop next year though.

Score: 6/10

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