Mic Pro – “Staring Thru My Rearview” (Album Review)

Mic Pro releases his 1st debut album “Starring Through my Rearview” inspired by the Hip-Hop Legend 2Pac Shakur. At 1st Glance you see the Cali influenced cover as the beach and palm trees bring you right to the scene. The 2nd track on the album “Life Lessons” was like a breathe of fresh air. Not enough artist in todays climate are creating educational stories within their music, Listening to Mic Pro was like a blast from the past. The sonic vibration and delivery reminded me of Ahmad the Los Angles legend who’s hit single “Back in The Day” took the world by storm.

As the album continues “Come Fuck with me” which was pretty dry sonically but still reminded me some what of Dj Quik. I can see potential in Mic Pro but his delivery needs to be more compact. “Windows Down” was for sure a g-funk vibe but the hook was incredibly simple and Corny, Now as for the feature verses from Micheal Antonio & Den Rock which were solid west coast vibes. “No Juice” was actually a catchy song and melodic vibe, I like the Chucc Dizzle fast pace flow and how it compliments the slower pace hook.

“Hand In Greed” started with a horror musical vibe with Hip-Hop overtones I like the creativity behind the production and look forward to seeing a video to this record. The Horror death rap scene is a mobilizing movement within underground Hip-Hop, I can see Mic Pro working within the niche. The production behind “Ego” was very dope I caught on to the hook instantly sound like an island collaboration of sounds. This would also be another fun interactive music video.

“Tippin” right off the back gave me an early 2000s feel of smooth productions, Even some of his lyrics felt like they were pulled from the Bad Boy aesthetic. The cruise vibe and P-Diddy vibes is like homage in todays climate. “Cherilyn Monroe” was a prostitute origin story who becomes part of much larger dark spectrum. This is a common theme in poverty because of the easy access to funds in a chaotic economy. What most people don’t know about Marylin Monroe she grew up in the city of Compton notorious for prostitution and poverty.

“Gurella Pimpin” was one of those raw Hip-Hop records with that high energy lyrics and animation. The production was gritty and matched the deliveries as I can see this being a good workout track. Mic Pro has an assort of different styles on this album  and we can’t wait see his growth within music. For more news updates and musicals campaigns follow Mic Pro on Spotify and keep up with the latest.

Rate 5/10

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