MOE – "Is Anybody Listening? 3" Mixtape Review ///


MOE : “Is Anybody Listening? 3” Mixtape Review

From the first couple seconds after listening songs like NO HOLDS BARRED, WON’T GO BACK, & MISS YOU, MOE takes music junkies to a metaphorical Hip Hop trip that many can’t or lack the creative skill to do so.  He’s unique lyrical style, either slow pace or fast, compliments all the production on this mixtape.  His thought process on this release is on point from all creative angles.  These days It’s hard to find a MC, easy to find a rapper, and with “Is Anybody Listening? 3” the answer to that question is: and our community of Hip Hop fans are listening.  MOE is a young MC on the rise, and make sure to follow him: @WhoTFisMoe

Attention Hip Hop Heads, download “Is Anybody Listening? 3” for free here:


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