Native Slang – “Native Slanguage” (Album Review)

New Mexico & Florida Hip Hop….To be honest, we cant even name artists right now coming out of those states who are killing it for the underground. So it’s truly a breath of fresh air to finally come across some talented artists, a Hip Hop duo who go by Native Slang. Consisting of Jicarilla Apache descendant EKYM1536 of Dulce, NM and 1st Generation Cuban American 8ch2oWens of Miami FL. These artists fully showcase their indigenous and cultural heritage, allowing fans to really disconnect from white supremacy stereotypes, preconceived notions based on misinformation, and ignorance, forcing your to appreciate raw talent form true native artists 2021-2022.

They release their brand new highly anticipated underground collab album titled “Native Slanguage” a 9 track project with limited guest appearances. With our introduction to very talented UK/Cambodia producer MUTE SPEAKER, he adds the perfect sound for these two heavyweight lyricists, like a hand and glove fit! Also its the first time we come across DJ Proof, and DJ Glibstyles, super talented DJ’s providing the much needed cuts to this ground-breaking album.

Right out the gate with track 2, “How Do You Do“, it hit me hard with their unique sound and gave me a glimpse of what I was looking forward to with this heavy headbanger. Followed up by “No Substitutes“, they slow it down with melodic bars, riding the beat from beginning to end, accompanied by a solid verse from Oso Negro, another artist I’m glad to be introduced to. All the tracks are dope, but the one that really stood out to me was T​.​H​.​O​.​R. featuring Dr X, Mike Wird, & Sevenstar. I really learned a lot from this song, fully appreciating, paying homage to these artists speaking out with blunt truth, exposing what this wicked country, rooted by white supremacy, has been hiding from modern-day society.

To be honest, I’m not to familiar with the native indigenous Hip Hop community, this culture is continuing to evolve, not being a one sided genre is what we can celebrate here. These artists show us true leadership, give me a clear vision of what this native Hip Hop culture has for Hip Hop fans in the future. I have to give this project a solid 8/10 RATING, it delivers much needed medicine to those who suffer from generational trauma, picking up the native/indigenous community across Turtle Island, and showing the underground Hip Hop community that Native Slang is here to stay! Stream the new album today on Bandcamp and follow them on Instagram @native.slang.

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