Nvy Jonez LKR & Chop the Father Team Up Like “Undertaker vs. Kane” (EP Review)

This is the brand new collaborative EP between Brooklyn emcees NVY JONEZ LKR & Chop the Father. Both of whom have made names for themselves within the underground for quite some time at this point, most notably NVY whether it be the Chicken Spot collab EP series or his own solo output such as A.L.T.D. (Angels Loyal to Demons). However, they are joining forces & likening this occurrence to that of the best match at WrestleMania XIV in my opinion: Undertaker vs. Kane.

After the “WrestleMania XIV” intro, the title track is a rugged boom bap opener chockfull of cutthroat, gangsta, lyricism whereas “Modelo & Popeyes” works in a dreamy loop as well as kicks & snares talking about respecting you more if we make money together. “Fuego” featuring Xicano Vega takes a more suspenseful route instrumentally dedicated to everyone over 30 that’s still rocking one of my all-time favorite streetwear brands A Bathing Ape leading into “Choke Slam” featuring Kesoh admitting they have bad tempers with no patience & a morbid atmosphere to the beat. “Best Shot” featuring DFD Baby Lee gives off a twangier boom bap vibe talking about their caliber being able to make your head explode, but then “Trouble” featuring D-Rell ends the EP on a climactic note saying no one can take them down.

If you wanna hear 2 heavy-hitting MCs coming together to bring you the cage match of the century, then you’re gonna wanna give Undertaker vs. Kane a shot. Both of them match each other’s intensity the way they ping off one another, the production is predominantly rooted in the traditional boom bap sound & the features all add their own unique flavor to the experience.

Score: 8/10

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