Nyce da Future Whips Up an Impressive Eto-Produced Debut Album with ”Forever Mobbin’” (Album Review)

Nyce da Future is an MC from Queens, New York who came to my attention last spring with his Havoc-produced debut EP Future of the Streets that was pretty well received. But for his full-length debut over here, he’s enlisting Rochester’s very own Eto to produce the whole thing from top to bottom.

The titular intro is a piano-laced opener letting the world know that this is brotherly whereas “Head Shots” takes a solemn turn getting into boss mode. Reek da Villain tags along for the symphonic boom bap banger “Drillin’” to give off some murderous intentions just before the deranged “Close Range” to spit that gun talk.

Flee Lord comes into the picture for ”On God” to tug the heart strings from the subject matter to the sample-based instrumental leading into the dreary title track getting back on his gangsta shit. “Good Morning” returns to a sample-heavy sound talking about feeling blessed, but then the Big Twins-assisted “Fit for the War” perfectly lives up to it’s name from the combative bars to the cinematic beat.

Meanwhile on “Me”, we have Rob Gates joining Nyce to switch it up into trap territory talking about it doing it because of themselves while “It Ain’t Fair” marks a return to the boom bap declaring himself the hottest in Queens right now. After the “Reno Speaks” interlude, the song “Hoody Season” with Reno provides a gloomy anthem for the fall down to the dejecting instrumental while the penultimate track “Motivated” is a rich ode to his dedication. Reno returns again for the closer “Criminal Minded” for a grisly boom bap ode to the thugs.

If you enjoyed Future of the Streets as much as I did, then I highly recommend givin’ Forever Mobbin’ a listen because this is a very impressive full-length debut in my personal opinion. Couple of the features were lackluster, but it’s crazy to hear how much Eto’s production game has progressed within the last couple years & Nyce sounds just as hungry as he did 14 months prior.

Score: 8/10

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