ORGANIZED KRIME – Norwalk’s Favorite New Underground Hip Hop Duo Drops Album “Krime in the City”

Krime in the City” by new Norwalk based Hip Hop duo ORGANIZED KRIME (Nadathing and Kesoh) is an easy energetic listen, with all 10 tracks gives us an exclusive snapshot of life in the city of Norwalk. The album personifies a city that is built off of balance and disorder.  Organized Krime is dedicated to giving us the unapologetic, humble, heartfelt lyrics that their fans thrive off of. In addition to putting their city on the map, Nadathing and Kesoh stay dedicated to their upbringings and paint their city in a world of color and flair. From flow to style to energy, this album is packed full of everything we love about hip hop. “98’ Muska” is one of our favorite tracks with a suave sample and abrasively smooth sound. “Lower Eastside” takes you through pavements that hold stories of glory and gore.  

Score: 7/10

Drea Godsey

Hip Hop journalist that has a passion for the underground. Editor in Chief at GG West Wave Hip Hop Blog.