Ortist Music – “All Good” (EP Review)

French act Ortist Music is a London-based beatmaker ready to breakout on a global scale. Influenced by the classics of the 90s, Ortist samples a soulful sound infused with drums and dirty bass lines. Years of experience, Ortist enjoys the fruit of his labour with the release of his debut EP, All Good. Merely the beginning, Ortist uses his debut as a prelude of whats to come in the near future with already announced new music on the way.

All Good is an eight-track collective of multi-faceted Hip Hop. The project includes well-known sub-genres like grime, traditional and experimental. Equipped with an international feel, All Good formulates a crafty group of emcees who exhibits custom brand of underground U.K. Hip Hop.

Stream Ortist Music’s New EP, All Good, here.

Ortist on the beat is phenomenal. Defined by a straight bass line, the project connects nostalgic synthesizers and electronics.

Lyrically, All Good delivers crossover appeal with an accent. The project’s guest features are brilliantly selected collection classic Hip Hop figures. Solidifying notoriety with the guests, All Good cements its impact with an abundance of fondly fascinating traditional lyricism. Filled with substances, street-level metaphors and psychological bravado, All Good is well-written and will leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears.

Creatively, All Good is an appeasing effort by the group that allows fans to interact with the sound, due to the instrumental additions on the backend of the collection. Also giving fans the option to enjoy the music with and without the lyrics. Commercially, the project delivers a splendid performance through popular bass and ear-catchy vocabulary. The perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan looking for a healthy amount of wholesome lyricism in their diet.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Production

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