Ouija Macc Expands on the Sounds of “Stalewind” with 7th Mixtape “Detritus” (Mixtape Review)

This is the 7th mixtape from Las Vegas emcee Ouija Macc. Breaking out in the fall of 2017 after the Insane Clown Posse signed him to Psychopathic Records shortly after putting out his debut EP Trashfire independently, Ouija has since proven himself as one of the most consistent & hard working dudes in the underground by dropping 3 full-lengths, 2 greatest hits compilations, his previous 6 mixtapes & 4 EPs all in the span of nearly 6 years. He even started his own label Chapter 17 Records & made the big homie HEXXX the first signee to PSY’s new subsidiary almost a year ago by now. The previous Ouija tape Fallen Angelic just celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary at the beginning of the month & his latest album Stalewind was a near perfect conclusion to the Element saga, but is now following up the Hideous collab album he dropped with Golden BSP only a few months ago by welcoming y’all to Detritus.

After the “Lost Transmission” intro, the first song “Freak” opens the tape with an ratchet ode for all of those who like it nasty whereas “Dypschyt” works in some bass & hi-hats courtesy of Shaggytheairhead so everyone can go dumb. “Blam Blam ‘Em” spits that gun talk over a dark Devereaux instrumental just before the uncanny trap hybrid “Deadzone” vividly details a demon coming after him for 3 days back to back to back.

“Apollo 17” has a bit of a Memphis flare sonically detailing a murder that he had been planning for weeks leading into “Clown Luv” coming through with a spiritual successor to the joint off Shaggy 2 Dope’s solo debut EP Fuck Off!. “Rich Boy Pacc” pulls some bells & hi-hats together making it clear what he be smoking on, but then “Lumberjacc” is a jazz/trap hybrid talking about punani being all he needs.

Meanwhile on “Rippin’ Out Ur Guts”, we have Ouija spitting the wicced shit over an unhinging beat while “Human Malfunction” switches it up into a cloudier sound admitting to not knowing much other than our days being numbered & cautioning to get back before your shit gets jacked. “Just Go” brings in more bells & hi-hats bragging that his foot’s on the gas with his pockets on swole while “Dream Survey” atmospherically confesses that demons stand by him as he sleeps. 

“Well Wicced” is a short but macabre continuation with a bassy trap instrumental boasting that shit can’t get more wicced than this while “They Don’t Like Me” lays these hi-hats behind a killer guitar throughout getting on his emo shit a bit. “Look Bacc” bombastically tells y’all to keep the past in the past while “Way the Shit Go” brings back the guitars thanks to Billy Martin talking about how life be sometimes. And until the “Found Transmission” outro, the final song “In the End” sends off the tape with a roller coaster ride of an 8-minute closer about the world falling victim to stupidity.

Chapter 17 has quickly become one of the most dominant forces in the underground wicked shit scene within the last couple years & coming off what seemed to be their biggest yet, the CEO indicates that it’s only gonna get bigger from here because I happen to enjoy Detritus more than Hideous with all respect. The performances are more consistent & the production continues to evolve the sounds of his finest full-length that he gave us at last year’s Gathering.

Score: 8/10

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