Patagonist – “Naker” (Album Review)

Patagonist, new rising artist releases a new LP titled “Naker.” The album Starts with “Fate” an impactful jazz Hip Hop fusion, as Patagonist is feed up you can hear it in his voice he has something to prove. He put it all on the line in a poetic format, the smooth silky deliver gives us visual clarity of Patagonist words. This depth is exactly what Hip-Hop is missing the stories that inspire stories. The next song on the track list “Keisha & Ace” Starts with a classic scene from Paid in full were Keisha showed ace how love works in her eyes setting up a love story. He’s asking can he gain a genuine connection like Keisha Did Ace the punch line is hard hitting like on the levels of Kanye when he mentioned Martin & Gina. You find a lot of rappers referring to Hollywood movies and tv shows like Dreamville artist Jid with his single Ed Edd & Eddy.

As the album continues with “Flight or Fight” the high energy rap track about unstable relationships. you can tell were Patagonist stands and have been through tremendous heartbreak and bottles it up to make magic. The hype track is a ego centralized song to set up an intimate vibe in “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” named after the great legend Frankie Lymon. The song shows the process of falling in love and the other phases of awkwardness etc.

“Temptation Interlude” is a confession were patagonist is getting some thoughts of his chest the short interlude reiterates  Why do fools fall in love with a different song showing his dynamic song writing ability. “Story Of A Nice Guy” is my favorite song on the album it shows the elements missing from todays music the story telling. Patagonist is becoming one of my favorite reviews of 2020 as his approach to each song is different and unique along with his low pitch rap voice making it easy to listen to.

Another stand out track was “A Change Of Heart” were Patagonist expanding on child hood traumas and what fuels his music. Patagonist talks about his problems with his mother and how is made him a better man. “Cards Delt” was a well put together production it demands attention right off back, The delivery in this song was emotionally driven you can hear his passion as Patagonist creates an old school vibe with new school elements.  After listening to the full album it seems to be a love letter focused on bottling up a time and evolving from it. You see this in conceptual driven artist like Nas, Kanye, Wale Etc. The Last Stand out track on the album was “Addiction” the rhythmic flow with unique delivery ended the album perfectly. Stay up to date with Patagoinst on Spotify for more music & updates.

RATING 8.5 out of 10

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