Q-Unique Enlists Jake Palumbo for His 3rd EP “Royal Blood” (EP Review)

Brooklyn emcee, singer & producer Q-Unique teaming up with Jake Palumbo for his 3rd EP. Emerging as 1/4 of the Arsonists & the lead singer of the 3-man hard rock outfit Stillwill, he’s also built up impressive solo discography for himself since the Uncle Howie Records-backed Vengeance is Mine nearly 2 decades back at this point. He would follow it up the previous decade with Between Heaven & Hell alongside BlaQ Coffee and The Mechanic before Stillwill bassist Fieldy of KoЯn fame to produced his last EP Pound for Pound in full last spring. So hearing Jake was producing Royal Blood, I was just as excited.

“Bad Meaning Good” sets the tone with it’s horn-laced boom bap instrumental to the lyrics looking to shatter dreams like LeBron whereas the rugged “Eye Don’t Sleep” works in strings, kicks & snares talking about being up before the sunrise. “133rd Psalm” takes the soulful route describing how wonderful & pleasant it is when brothers live in harmony just before “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” intricately pays homage to everyone that paved the way for hip hop culture. “Chess Checkers” ruggedly talks about being done running from trouble with blood on his knuckles while “Random Play” keeps it in the basement instrumentally to discuss the street life. “Ingredients” closes the EP by admitting he got that Bruce Banner anger mixed with the love of a ‘60s hippie.

Pound for Pound was received to mixed responses although I felt it was a great comeback for Q & it only made since for Fieldy to hop behind the boards throughout the duration of it. That said, I feel like those who didn’t get a lot out of that previous EP will come away from Royal Blood enjoying a tad bit more. Jake’s production is more rawer in comparison to Q’s Stillwell bandmate & Q himself goes just as aggressive on the mic as last time.

Score: 8/10

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