REASON OVER TREASON – “How to Cut a Diamond, Vol. 1” (EP Review)

Los angles Born project and Duo REASON OVER TREASON release their latest EP “How to Cut a Diamond, Vol. 1” a 2020 drop produced by Devine Milk and written by Osirius South central raised rapper. I was impressed with the slick look of the cover art it matched perfect with all the expectations.   As we dive into the album I can see this is one to anticipate as the 9 track album was cultivated by the two.

Track one started with a production with a sonic sound merged with Hip-Hop boom bap and Egyptian folklore music, This is a rare combination but impactful every-time. In recent hip-hop history we find artist who were able to successful merge the two like Busta rhymes “Arab Money”. “Higher Design” was calm and poised with the focus around over standing and the intricate bars. The delivery was dynamic and words used shows arrangement and gritty songwriting style. “Reason for Treason” has a unique vibe that yells golden age, I appreciate the the grass roots Hip-Hop elements as the collaboration enhanced the sonic approach.

“Schallah rock Universal” was another fusion sounding track with old school samples that push the soul forward. The Delivery of Osirius is hard hitting like a Big L mixed with a DMX, And the lyrics are just as impactful. I can see this alliance going far as they both excite the rap psyche for more.

“Kill Joy (Gods With Guns)” was a smooth production very classic feel this time around I got a Fabolous vibe with LA overtones. This track was explaining the war between the incarnated Gods,  So far on the album this was my favorite track because of the substance and delivery.  When I 1st heared “21 Grams” the low profile street vibe is perfect for the vibration created by the duo. This song makes me think of a short film explaining this song more in depth.

“Blood In my Ink” is another class of music as it nostalgic of 2pac songs like “Until The End Of Time” with this multi faceted song touching on the shadow side of the soul we see new elements around the rap duo. One thing we look for in great albums is delivery, substance and evolving content, I hear all of these elements as the album continues to play. Its only natural “Professional” is the next song on the track list , “The new Gods be the Old Devils” this was a impactful quote meaning the process of change and the flip side to understand yin & yang.

“Heart Grows” Starts with a dynamic soul sample that gets you in-tune with record right away. I especially like production as it stays consistent and unique every-time the sample heavy producer Devine Milk shows why sampling is his specialty creating classic sound after classic sound. “Still kill” was the perfect ending song with a Jedi Mind shot leaving the listener wanting more. “Waves extremely low but the frequent” This bar alone shows the wordplay and visual skill Osirius exhibits ending this album. For more updates from Reason Over Treason, Follow them on Instagram @osirius_lewsyphr_writer @divinemilk777 for new music and visual.


Highlights: Substance Production & Delivery 

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