Roc Marciano Gives a Near-Flawless “Marciology” Lesson (Album Review)

Long Island emcee/producer Roc Marciano has returned with his 11th full-length studio album. Starting out in the very late 90’s as a member of the Flipmode Squad, he then went solo in 2008 to drop classic albums that would pave the way for those like Griselda such as Marcberg & Reloaded. He would begin focusing on producing projects for other artists like Flee Lord & Bronze Nazareth following Mt. Marci but after enlisting The Alchemist to produce The Elephant Man’s Bones which I gave a perfect score, we’re being taught Marciology.

The self-produced title track is this ominous opener reminding that he done brought game to the rap game whereas “Goyard God” works in these luxurious piano chords thanks to Animoss so he can shit on everything. “Gold Crossbow” keeps the exuberant boom bap vibes going boasting he has more style in his small toe than your whole torso leading into “True Love” going into soulful turf for a dedication to all his ghetto homies.

“BeBe’s Kids” brings a groovier approach instrumentally talking about others not digging your style because shit’s foul while the crooning “Bad JuJu” featuring Larry June strips the drums courtesy of Uncle Al breaking down to the rich lifestyles that they both live. “Tapeworm” brings a symphonic vibe to the beat talking about being too high class to work with purse snatchers & he is if we’re being honest with ourselves here, but then “Killin’ Spree” featuring Crimeapple brings the 2 together over a rock sample painting images of the gangsta life.

Meanwhile on “Went Diamond”, we have Marci over more strings teaching those who don’t know by now that their worst enemies be their own pride & ego just before “Higher Self” featuring Flee Lord & T.F. yet again builds itself on operatic sampling talking about leaving bullet flying even through your grandma’s room. “LeFlair” ruggedly breaks down doing everything from scramblin’ to pimpin’ & panderin’ while “On the Run” featuring Jay Worthy having this infectious vocal flip talking about always being on the lamb.

“Larry Bird” featuring GREA8GAWD & Knowledge the Pirate draws near the end of our Marciology lesson with these jazzy woodwinds throughout referencing the titularly iconic Boston Celtics player of the same name that is until “Floxxx” concludes the album with one of Marci’s best beats ever talking about never losing his touch, which he hasn’t.

Marc always comes correct whenever he puts out new music & although Marciology isn’t flawless like The Elephant Man’s Bones was, anyone anyone who’s familiar with his discography should know what they’re getting themselves into by now. The production is mostly drumless with additional undertones of boom bap & jazz rap very much like the predecessor charismatically spitting that illustrious pimpire shit.

Score: 9/10

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