SciFiMusik – “Time Alone” (Album Review)

SciFiMusik is a Chicago based Hip Hop artist who released his debut album on 23 April of this year. This is a ten track project with a single feature from $uade. The album is titled “Time Alone” and the artwork does a good job of setting the scene for the album; A skyline shot of the Windy City as the backdrop for SciFi’s mug shot. I’m always going to commend the details and this is a nicely executed detail. Let’s get into this.

“Journal Entry” is the third track on the album and features some of my favourite production on this project. Heavy kicks, clean use of vocal samples and strong keys laced with delicate melodies make for a beat that slaps. SciFi uses complex rhyme schemes clothed in raw and honest story telling lyricism to put on what is really a solid performance. Bars from start to finish, we love to hear this.

“Could’ve been better” is the eighth song on “Time Alone”. The production on this song was composed to perfection. Sticking to the keys theme of the project and complimented by the rest of the soundscape which makes for a nice balance on this album. SciFi is supported by a great hook and delivers a more conversational rap style, showing some versatility in his pen game.

“Damaged” is the final track on the album. Once again, production choice is on point and brings the whole project together nicely. SciFi delivers some hard hitting, relatable and carefully crafted bars. $uade is a nice touch to the track and to the album as a whole. He delivers some slick flow switches and some honest bars.

In closing, this is a good debut album. SciFiMusik was able to deliver an impressive display of consistency from start to finish. The beat selection created a nicely defined sound which allowed SciFi to dance on the beats a little and seamlessly switch flows. Honourable mentions go to “Tales From the Hood” and “Sticking to the. Script”, great performances. Go follow him on Instagram: @sci1990

Score: 7/10

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Mr W Ndala

Founder of Transcendence Management Group/ Former Editor in Cheif at Behind The Greens Magazine/ Musician Former New Zealand/Australian Hip Hop Artist. Former Artist Manager. Former Editor in Chief of "Behind The Greens"

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