Scum Ends Dyin’ World Chroniclez Trilogy by Droppin’ ”Black Soulz” (Album Review)

Scum is a 41 year old MC from Denver, Colorado known for founding the seminal horrorcore label Lyrikal Snuff Productionz. He’s gone on to release 13 albums on his own, the previous being the first 2 installments of the Dyin’ World Chroniclez trilogy Grey Skiez in the spring & then Red Groundz in the summer. But at last, The Gorefather is rounding out the trilogy with his 14th full-length offering.

After the intro, the first song “Keep It Bloody” is an apocalyptic opener getting murderous whereas “Curbside” with Cody Manson & Darby O’Trill finds the trio on some murky trap shit talking about leaving their opposition in a bag. “Dues” follows it up with a rap rock banger describing what he wants to see at his shows leading into Jade the Nightmare tagging along for the triumphant title track talking about being angels falling from the sky.

Meanwhile on “Tx4l”, we have Scum returning to trap turf continuing the themes of murder just before “Dumb” wickedly fires shots at all any stupidity that comes his way. “Mizundastood” perfectly lashes out at all those who be talking shit about juggalos, but then “Ain’t Shit” works in a bass-heavy Devereaux beat to diss any bum wanting to go up against them.

The song “Wake Up Dead” continues to delve further into the topic of death over a morbid instrumental while the penultimate track “Respekt” with Illtemper & Tragik sees the 3 on top of some strings talking about wanting their props. “Disrespekt” with Smallz One ends the album with a counterpart to the previous cut except this one’s a lot more grimier in my personal opinion.

Now that the Dyin’ World Chroniclez trilogy is complete, I’d have to say it’s amongst some of Scum’s best material in his ever-growing discography & Black Soulz is a solid finisher. I could’ve done without half the features (the only ones that really stood out to me are the 3 LSP signees), but I do appreciate how he connects the gap between the last 2 installments.

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