Sir 7000 – “Last Night at the Portal” (EP Review)

Ceo of Baps University, Sir 7000, is a hip-hop artist who’s done nothing but innovate himself and his brand over the last year. From his Quarantine Tapes series during the heart Covid-19 pandemic last year to now, this visionary has pushed himself in all regards. While a year ago, my main criticisms with his music came from his inability to hone his excitement and find his sonic niche, he has come full circle, killing these criticisms on his new ep “Last Night at the Portal.”

In a generation where attention spans are at an all-time low, Sir shows he’s fully aware of this, keeping things relatively short at eight tracks and keeping listeners on the edge of their seats throughout. From his rapping ability to his production skills, Sir shows his development as an artist as he dabbles with an array of flows, pockets, and styles. From the haunting intro “The Firmament” to the soothing outro “The Wind” with Ambeeka, Sir is constantly showing off his versatility. Within the 20 minute run time, “Spaceship” was a definite stand-out due to its deep subject matter and intense approach. 7000’s confidence jumps out at you, and his vocal control and pitch changes keep you glued to your seat till the tracks crashing end after its climatic beat switch. “Villain” was another highlight with its detailed instrumental, fast-paced tempo, and catchy rhythm. 

While on past projects, I have been harsh on Sir 7000 for the lack of ambition and fine-tuning in his instrumentals, it’s safe to say this is his best-produced record to date. From the Funkadelic sample on “The Basics” to the abstract layers on top of the vibey drums on “Tina,” Sir has taken a huge step when it comes to the quality of his soundscapes. When it comes to the mixing on this project, the instrumentals and vocals mesh together seamlessly, which makes the cutting-edge artistry displayed throughout the project’s duration shine all the more. 

Overall, “Last Night at the Portal” is Sir 7000s best work to date and his first major step into reaching his full potential. Between the amazing production, unmatched versatility, and passionate rapping, Sir is so easy to fall in love with, and this brief to-the-point record leaves you wanting more. If you want to keep up to date with Sir 7000 and where his journey takes him next, be sure to follow @IAMSIR7000 on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Versatility, Passioante Rapping, Production

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