Stacc Styles’ 3rd Album & Suburban Noize Records Debut “Live Your Best Life” is a Full Circle Moment for Him (Album Review)

This is the 3rd full-length LP from Tucson, Arizona recording artist Stacc Styles. As the founder of Dope Shop Records, he introduced himself in the spring of 2015 off the debut album Inside the Ride followed by the sophomore effort Mr. Purple in the fall of 2020. Stacc has also been an affiliate of Suburban Noize Records dating back to being a roadie for the punk band Mower, eventually signing to the west coast underground label this past January. 4 singles later, he’s kicking off the summer & warming everyone up for the 2nd of half 2024 encouraging them to Live Your Best Life.

After the turntablism intro, the title track sets the tone for Stacc’s debut for Subnoize with a psychedelic west coast hip hop banger toasting to having a good time & getting high whereas “Another Day” works in pianos talking about us meant to be here to complete the holy cycle. “Gold Mine” has a bit of a funky pop rap flare with themes of romance, but then one of the 3 founding Kottonmouth Kings & the other half of Kingspade himself Johnny Richter now a member of the supertrio King Klick returns on the superior “Leave with a King” hopping over a gnarly vocal sample to steal bitches.

“In the Mood” takes the atmosphere trap route instrumentally airing out the plug for being late just before “Weed, Wax & Whiskey” celebration of all things cannabis remembering his friends & family that he’s lost to addiction or suicide recapturing the vintage Suburban Noize sound in the process carrying on the KMK legacy & the memory of it’s late original member Saint Dog. “Renegade” featuring Obnoxious also of the King Klick alongside battle rapper YNOT finds the trio hustling all night over mellow boom bap production leading into “DGAF Nonstop” featuring the DGAF General Chucky Chuck now a part of the newly reformed Kottonmouth Kings & produced by Eddie Ruxspin pays homage to the latter’s DGAF roots.

Slumerican Records signee & Yelawolf’s longtime high school friend Big Henri links up with Stacc on the country trap fusion “Keep Going” delivering an inspiring message while “Sometimes Why” keeps the guitars & hi-hats going thanking God he’s here to see another day. After the “Staccs” outro, we are treated to a “Without a Crown” remix featuring Lethal Injektion frontman Jon Russell as a bonus track surpassing the stand alone single that came out 2 & a half years ago since it’s built around the rap metal sound that the Tucson nu metal band is known for.

When you think about how the guy went from being a fan of Suburban Noize to the Mower connection in 2005 & now officially releasing his own music through the label, I’d say that would have to be a dream come true & a full circle moment for him in his career. His unique blend of THC-infused hip hop & trademark technical precision for high-speed raps that his first couple albums he put out independently are elevated to higher levels keeping the Subnoize essence alive with the help of the King Klick individually spread across & a few outside collaborators.

Score: 8/10

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