Sullee Justice – “Spear” (Album Review)

Baltimore-bred Sullee Justice (also known as Sullee J) has amassed a huge following across the globe with his addictive lyrical ability, authentic attitude, and positive message. Able to resonate with his fans on a personal level, Sullee J continues to grow as an individual who not only allows himself to be a role model but an open book in order to establish an unbreakable bond. As he continues to soar, Sullee J unveils his latest effort, Spear.

Self-proclaimed “powerful” project, Spear is a 13-track effort that sees the rising star lyricism sharper than ever before. Featuring guest appearances from KXNG Crooked and Beast 1333, the fifth installment in the Sullee J catalog is his most revealing project to-date. Equipped with positive vibes and battle-tested lyrics, Sullee J latest project features leading singles, “Reborn”, “David Blaine”, and “Ya’ll Don’t Understand”.

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Steel sharpens steel, Sullee J is formidable and smart lyrically on the Spear as he matches impressive verse for impressive with notable guest lyricists on the project. Sullee J honors tradition with his raw, aggressive, and slick style of nursery rhyming. It’s his confidence that stands out majority of the project, Sullee may not be the best lyricist right now or all time; however, boasting and strong-arming bars on various tracks would convince he doesn’t know otherwise. In the end, not only earning the respect but demanding it and happily receiving it from critics following the project’s conclusion.

Sensation lyrical abilities overshadowed Spear‘s underwhelming production. While Sullee J is able to shine on any production with his prowess, he falls into the same pitfalls as most Hip-Hop purists with beat selection. Sonically, the project is a similar fit behind the boards and stays within the guidelines and plays it safe. Nothing against the quality of the production; however, Sullee J simply outperforms, driving the attention solely onto him.

Spear‘s is built on entertaining the rising star’s referred unfamiliar lyricism. It was clear from the progressive beginning that Sullee J was making a bold statement as a formidable lyricist. Skilled, knowledgable, and custom craftsmanship, the Baltimore-bred could be the spark of the boiling pot for Hip-Hop similar to Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York. On Spear, Sullee J accomplished an promising accolade that many new artists difficult to obtain; not be overlooked. Safe to say that the competition will surely be paying close attention to the up-and-coming artist after listening to Spear.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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