The 3-Headed Monster Continues It’s Momentous “Rampage” by Surprise Releasing a Sophomore Effort (Album Review)

This is the sophomore full-length album from horrorcore supergroup the 3-Headed Monster. Consisting of Detroit pioneers Esham & Violent J alongside Ouija Macc hailing from Las Vegas, all 3 members each have a distinctive history of their own. The first being the unholy godfather of the wicked shit founding Reel Life Productions, the other co-founded Psychopathic Records as 1/2 of the Insane Clown Posse whom the Boogey Man was once signed to from 2002-2005 & Ouija quickly became the hatchet’s biggest solo act in 2017 ever since ICP severed ties with their former protégés the demented duo Twiztid earlier that same year despite them departing Psychopathic only 5 years before that to form Majik Ninja Entertainment now continuing to gradually build Chapter 17 Records as a dominant subsidiary of the label that runs beneath the streets as he’s been their only current artist other than the wicked clowns themselves since the pandemic. But as they begin the 2nd leg of their tour promoting their full-length debut Obliteration from over the summer displaying 3 generations of hip hop’s most underappreciated subgenre, the trio’s continuing their Rampage.

The intro begins with all 3 members aggressively going back & forth with each other on the mic over a rugged trap instrumental for a couple minutes proclaiming their greatest joy in life is to crush & destroy whereas “Bulldozer” works in a shimmery backdrop & hi-hats from Shaggytheairhead cautioning that everyone’s in danger. “End of Days” gives off a more cavernous trap vibe thanks to Devereaux making it clear that there ain’t no heroes in this saga just before the “Bepis” goes into atmospheric territory so Ouija Macc can whip up a solo joint & his rhyme schemes throughout are some the craziest he’s ever jotted.

“Sinister Super Sinister” by Violent J continues to demonstrate the talents of each member of the supergroup as he hops over a trap-rock hybrid declaring himself to be exactly that leading into Esham’s solo cut “Cult Leader” diving headfirst into boom bap territory with some keyboard embellishments thanks to Dead Heat asking if one wants to lead a cult of their own. The 3-Headed Monster reunites as a unit for the chaotic trap banger “Red Pavement” looking to leave the haters laying, but then “Cobblestone” finds Ouija on his own again blending a suspenseful loop & hi-hats talking about them Sin City killas being at your neck.

The song “Pillow Talk” by Violent J goes for a more subdued trap sound proclaiming he gets down all the time killing for real & loves how his new chick never asks why his clothes are bloody even though his raspy delivery is a little off-putting while “Dinero” by Esham talks about the money over a groovy sample flip. The title track though rounds out the trio’s sophomore effort with a 5 & a half minute trap heater taking away all the sunshine & rain in favor of smoke & fire instead.

The 3-Headed Monster’s formation has to be my personal favorite thing that Psychopathic has done all year even though I stand by me being happy to see them pumping out music at the rate they’ve been doing so all year, but I actually might like Rampage better than Obliteration by a slight margin. They’re stepping up their chemistry together on top of getting a couple chances to shine individually again & I love how the production sounds harder than our introduction to them over the summer.

Score: 8/10

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