The Musalini & Cookin’ Soul Got the “Mackaroni” (EP Review)

New York emcee & Jamla Records recording artist The Musalini teaming up with Cookin’ Soul for his 6th EP. Beginning to take the underground by storm since 2018 after dropping his debut mixtape Musalini Season, he went on to release 3 full-lengths & another tape before signing to TCF Music Group. Since then, he’s made himself home by dropping a few EPs & Return of the Oro in the early part of this decade. In God We Trust produced by 38 SpeshThe Don & Eye alongside its sequel fully produced 9th Wonder & Pure Izm produced by Khrysis have all quickly become his best material over the past 3 years. And with the run Cookin’ Soul’s been on these past couple months, I can say stakes for Mackaroni were pretty high personally.

“Say You Love Me” featuring Hus Kingpin & Reuben Vincent starts us off with the trio over a soulful admitting to their flings that can’t say they care whereas “Never Be a Stranger” takes the groovy boom bap route talking about being a pimp. “‘92 Olympics” featuring Tha God Fahim gives me a mafioso atmosphere a bit instrumentally likening themselves to the US men’s basketball team over 3 decades ago just before “I Want It All” featuring Planet Asia taking the luxurious route expressing their desire for everything.

MadeinTYO interestingly joins Mu$ on the luxurious boom bap cut “Mack of the Year” talking about being the pimp’s pimps of 2024 leading into “Got Her” showing a J Dilla influence to the beat getting in his romance shit. “1 Time” featuring Le$ works in these organ-synths with kicks & snares bringing that style for the block whilst turning it up a notch while “Fresh Air” featuring Raz Fresco & Skratch Bastid keeps it boom bap with lavish piano chords talking about mornings on the beach. “Lay Up” warmly looks to turn everything he touches into chicken & “Pay the Man” is a jazzy closer demanding to be paid what he is owed.

Despite the fact that some of of Mu$’ output can be a bit too overloaded with the amount guests, I’m not gonna deny that Mackaroni is the most I’ve enjoyed his music in a while. Cookin’ Soul goes on a 3-peat with the production since it’s on par with Supreme Dump Legend: Soul Cook Saga’s & Bakin’ Soul’s, the performances from the features themselves are more consistent & Mu$’ is straight mackin’ for nearly 26 minutes.

Score: 8/10

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