Young Reela x Arone – “ReelOSSM 3” (EP Review)

Hailing from the Sunshine State, FL, Young Reela and Arone have just released the third instalment of The ReelOSSM – (O)ut of (S)ight (S)till in (M)ind – tapes, “ReelOSSM 3”. This 7 track EP is full of new school vibes and flows with a sprinkle of 90’s R&B, just lingering in the background.

“Eye candy” was a definite stand out track. I’m always a fan of songs that flow on from the last, in the same way that “Eye Candy” quite flawlessly flows from “Area Codes”, which is another great track. I always see this as a nod to those of us who still like to listen to projects from start to finish, without skipping. Arona’s flow is purely on point. This woman is a world class wordsmith and the way that she is able to segue into different parts of the arrangement deserves a tonne of applaud. The production on this track is radio level r&b. Young Reela really did his thing.

“What we doin’” is a favourite for sure. Once again, Young Reela got the production just right. This is probably my favourite performance from Arone, off this project. She plays with her rhyme schemes a little more in this track and her flow is flawless from start to finish. Plus the backing vocals in this track deserve a shout out. I know that’s a kinda weird thing to do, but listen for yourself and you’ll understand.

“$ellin’ dreams”, this was a real cool track. Most notable for the fact that we were blessed with a verse and hook from Young Reela, himself! Hearing both artists on one track together was a nice way to finish this EP off. Both artists brought the heat in their own right and this track made for a nice bit of versatility on “ReelOSSM 3”.

This is a great EP and honestly, Reela and Arone should be proud of themselves for putting this together. This is a coherent body of work that flows well, sounds clean and honestly deserves all the recognition it can get. Young Reela is a beast on the boards and Arone sounds something like Young M.A meets Tory Lanez – bars and melodies! Follow them on Instagram and show some love: @youngreela & @stayossm_

Score: 8/10

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Mr W Ndala

Founder of Transcendence Management Group/ Former Editor in Cheif at Behind The Greens Magazine/ Musician Former New Zealand/Australian Hip Hop Artist. Former Artist Manager. Former Editor in Chief of "Behind The Greens"

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