Who Came First, Nelson or the Egg: The Rise of S V N K

“Every new thing you do or make, it’s cracking egg” (Nelson Mendes). Texas native Nelson Mendes is like anyone with a dream, he wants to make it big and show the world his hidden talent, something that would set him apart from the crowd, fashion and his colorful brain blend together like Weed and Psychedelic Rock in his new brand, “S V N K”. Though the strange name may throw you off, if you are familiar with another Los Angeles based clothing brand, “Golf Wang, founded by Tyler, the Creator then you’ll see a similar color scheme but with Mr. Mendes’s own twist, a twist of a classical food item, eggs. I am a proud owner of his B – Creative shirt as well as one of his 20 models, the quality speaks the price, I paid $60 up front for my shirt but the stitching on it is high grade and the comfort I have with my shirt is of a blanket. The video is just as unique as the brand, in my eyes it’s the fashionable version of the cult classic, “The Room” which is weird yet eye grabbing in it’s own way, from eggs being regurgitated to blackface, once you see this video it sticks to you like gum to your shoe. If you’re looking for a hip, new fashion piece that helps you stand out and looks great with chinos, then you need to keep your eyes on SVNKFace, so make sure to follow their page, @svnkface.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu7i6lT8RII]

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