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We recently interviewed on of our biggest UG Hip Hop influences “Sunspot Jonz” of the World Famous LIVING LEGENDS crew and Mystik Journeyman.  Pawz One @Pawz1 sat down with him in Hollywood, CA in Nov 2013 and was asking him questions about his Hip Hop career, being a part of a very talented Hip Hop group, about his quality control with song selection and his most recent project “ISIS DYNASTY” an independent film written and directed by Sunspot Jonz and Fatima Washington.


Isis Dynasty is an independent feature film currently raising funds for post production!  Please support our film by donating to our indiegogo page at:

What if you only had 30 Days to make it in Hollywood?  Would it change everything you stand for?

“Isis Dynasty” is a heartfelt dramatic comedy about Isis Angelo, a woman who against all odds is trying to make her mark as a writer-director in the sometimes-absurd place we call Hollywood.  Isis like a lot of people trying to live a dream – finds herself in a much different place than she thought she would be with no real career, no man and no money.

The story opens with a frustrated Isis, who approaching middle age knows that her window of opportunity for Hollywood success is rapidly closing. She works regularly on random productions, making enough to pay the rent on her rent-controlled studio apartment, buy lean cuisines, and keep her classic Mercedes with just enough gas in it to make it to the next gig. She is tired of the rat race, the hustle, and all of the empty shallow people that populate power positions in the industry.

She is tired of looking for love with men who don’t understand her and half the time end up being unavailable or gay. She longs for the success that attracted her to the industry but realizes she is clearly at the end of her rope. Only an intervention with a magical black cat and a visit from the Goddess Isis empowers her enough to give her dream one last ditch effort. She takes all the money she has – including rent money and gives herself, her life, and her career 30 days to fully “make it” in Hollywood.

In the tradition of Hollywood Shuffle and Curb Your Enthusiasm the film is a ground breaking project that not only satirizes life in Hollywood and L.A. in general, but juxtaposes this tried and true formula with the unique struggle that women have in the film business/entertainment industry, all while mixing in a healthy dose of magical realism. The result is a hilarious, poignant film, full of social commentary as we follow Isis on her 30 day self imposed deadline to either “make it or break it” – giving her dreams one final last chance with the use of a Hollywood survival kit.

Fatima Washington wearing multiple hats directing and producing also stars in this art-imitating-life comedy where her character Isis gets into countless predicaments, many of which end in absurd Hollywood fiascos.   Each scene follows Isis around town, at home and on through the iconic streets of Hollywood surrounded by a hilarious and tell-it-like-it is supporting cast that features Faizon Love, Paula Jai Parker, Chris Williams, Charles Malik Whifield and Johnny Three Nutz.  All of whom break ground taking on innovative roles.

Shot entirely on location in Los Angeles, Isis Dynasty is at the same time a valentine and dear john letter to Hollywood.  Ms. Washington’s story, written by Corey Johnson aka Sunspot Jonz and co-directed by both filmmakers contemplates the nature of our ambitions and the unexpected path we embrace to find success.

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